Swingline Optima Sharpener Review

Swingline Optima Sharpener Review

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Our Rating : Good
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Rating: 3.4/5 (60 votes cast)
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Rating: 3.4/5 (60 votes cast)

This is yet another heavy duty pencil sharpener we’ve reviewed.

This unit can handle up to 6 different sizes while maintaining a quiet noise level.  Though the noise level is not quite as low as the Hunt-Bostich that can be found here.  The 6 size selector is helpful if you use pencils that vary in size.  This allows you to never need to worry about if your Swingline sharpener can handle it or not.

The design on this unit is very sleek and modern.  The nice thing about that is it looks like it matches all the new equipment we have in our lives.  It has a very futuristic look and feel to this model.  I know, it’s just a pencil sharpener but hey, get a unit like this one that looks good!

Some people believe this model is amazing while other people are worried the unit will break down too fast.  But, so far in looking over reviews they have been extremely positive.  The reviews we looked at included grade school teachers, home-schoolers and office users.

Out of the 38 reviews we looked through this unit maintained a 4 star rating and only had 3 people who were disappointed in its performance.  Statistics like that are hard to ignore.

We recommend the Swingline Optima electric pencil sharpener for that reason.

Product Specs:

Brand: Swingline

Model NO: 29968

Color: Orange & Black

Manufacturer Part NO: 29968


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