Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Hole

Stanley Bostitch QuietSharp 6 Hole

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Rating: 3.3/5 (179 votes cast)

This electric pencil sharpening unit comes equipped with a heavy duty motor but still manages to run very quietly while staying extremely efficient.  This is an excellent model for classrooms or homes that require a lot of quiet time or need to prevent distractions.

The tamper-proof shavings bin has an auto-shut-off safety feature.  If the shaving tray is removed during operation it will immediately shut the unit down.  This is an added safety feature to keep people from losing fingers or anything else they thought would be cool to stick into the pencil sharpener while it was running.  Though you’d probably need to be drunk to decide to do something silly like that but we’ve seen people do crazier things before!  This is an especially great feature if you are using this in a classroom with young kids that could be more easily prone to accidents due to lack of knowledge.
The tip-saver feature allows you to sharpen the pencil without the possibility of over sharpening and ruining the pencil tip or the pencil itself.
The sharpener also features a handy 6 size selector.  This will let you fit whatever size pencil that you need to sharpen.  Neither over-sized nor under-sized pencils are no problem for this unit with this special trademarked technology.
This Stanley Bostitch unit is also equipped with a special thermal overload protection feature.  This feature prevents wear and tear on the motor and extends the motor life.  Some electric pencil sharpeners wear out early because they lack this type of feature.

Brand: Stanley Bostitch
Model No: EPS 10 HC
Color: Dark Blue
Material Type: Steel/Plastic
Manufacturer Part NO: EP S10 HC



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